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Office relocation with its IT infrastructure can be frustrating. With Flow Telecom, we can have your new office ready for the day you move in. Depending on the new office space you have taken, we can help transition your physical infrastructure and be on site the day you move in to help you get set up.

Why Flow Telecom?

Project Management

We will go to your new site with you and plan your internal infrastructure with your vision as our focus


Ensure your WiFi is installed and ready for you to start working right away

IT equipment

Once your IT equipment is on site we will configure the systems to run as normal


Secure your premises with our CCTV, alarm and access control, ready for when you move in

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We will help you back all your applicable services into the cloud so you do not lose any data

Cabling and Data points

We will run all the data cables and patch your computers, VoIP phones and hardware

A Fully Managed Service

If you haven’t already, we can help you with a new internet connection for when you move. Depending on your office relocation, we provide you with the best available  connectivity options and lead times.  IT and infrastructure  is seen as the 4th utility and vital for any business. We provide a fully managed service and take the stress of relocation away from you. From  VoIP to IT we build Your Solution, Your Way.

A Proactive Approach

We have made new office IT relocations easy with our team of talented and experienced professionals. Although there is a lot that can go wrong with office IT relocation services in London, with experienced and knowledgeable experts we minimise the risks to a great extent. Nonetheless, we do not just prioritise your employee and technology safety, but also ensure you have working backups for any unexpected mishaps. For complete office IT relocation services, we document the entire process from planning right down to the execution ensuring you receive the best and most professional services available.

Our aim is to minimize downtime and ensure nothing is lost during the shift to your new location. At the same time, we mitigate any serious risks before they turn into problems and present solutions. We are a very proactive Office IT Relocation Service Provider in the UK.

A team of managed IT professionals reviews your office architectural plans to identify the best layout of your IT systems and follow the five-step formula while offering office IT relocation services in London.

We Schedule A Site Visit with The IT Team

A good preparation is half the job done and following this principle in the months leading up to your relocation, preparation is important. To keep things in the right perspective, we schedule a site visit with the IT team at the location you want to move too. Our team thoroughly reviews your new premises, current infrastructure, Broadband availability, proposed seating plan, and data rack location. We also see and check the environmental conditions as well as electrical and structural specifications so that all your IT requirements are met. With our experts designing the optimal layout for the server room, network equipment and any other device required, in the ideal locations, you get the desired outcome.

Evaluating Your Current Setup

Being a diligent and professional office IT relocation services provider in London, we don’t leave any space for mistakes. While understanding your current networks and IT infrastructure, we also evaluate how to relocate your services. The entire process makes it easier to get you up and running quickly.

Meticulous Plan for Your Communications Setup

Our team of IT professionals works hard to ensure that you don’t spend time thinking about where phone lines and power outlets would be in your new office. We do meticulous planning in the new office and propose a new plan. Keeping your ideas in mind we implement the ideal setup in the new office and arrange your systems for optimum performance.

Offering Complete Protection to Your Data

Data is the Heart and Soul of any company that has an IT infrastructure. Understanding the importance of data, we make sure that no data is lost in the transition and for that we make extra copies of all your most critical data if requested. Thus, whether this is your server, firewall configurations, and workstations, we keep them all safe while we are executing your office IT relocation services. We thoroughly run tests and checks to ensure your data and services are working before we hand them over to you.

We Test Everything at The New Office All Over Again

As we offer office IT relocation services in London, we make sure that you are not left high and dry after the move and for that our experts stick around to help you troubleshoot any teething issues. Our experts are also there to answer any questions you may have.

Unlock New Opportunities with Our Office IT Relocation Services in London

Since office IT relocations are a catalyst for change that unlocks new opportunities at a new place when you choose Flow Telecom, stay assured you will receive a professional relocation service. Once you have found your new ideal space, our friendly experts will be on hand to ensure that your IT infrastructure is relocated safely and effectively. Proper planning is key this is why we don’t miss anything that you have at your current location – whether it is your existing technology, operations or even processes. We build a strategic IT roadmap for your company to ensure a smooth and professional transition to your new office.

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