Business Continuity

Maintaining Business Continuity While Working From Home (WFH)

Now more than ever the need to enable businesses to work from home has never been greater. After helping and speaking with businesses their main concerns are how to empower their staff to work from home while upholding standard company structure and continuity. The main question is “What tools can help my staff stay effective during this global crisis and how?”

Flexible and remote working processes are always in high demand and perhaps more now than ever, organisations are looking at their options for enabling staff to work from home. Staff require a dependable user experience to ensure employee productivity. Colleagues need to easily collaborate with one another and have reliable access to business-critical data and applications.

Enable your staff to work effectively from home or anywhere in the world with the same functionality they have in the office. Our remote working solutions provide employees with the ability to work from home or on the move whilst retaining communication, collaboration features and functionality enjoyed at the office. We offer a range of technology solutions to deliver an in-office IT and communications experience, regardless of the physical location.

We can enable staff to work from home as part of the office telephone system, either by adding functionality to an existing telephone system or integrating one of our cloud telephony services (VoIP). Calls to the office will be routed to wherever staff are located as if they are sat in the office. Users will be able to hold, transfer and conference call to and with colleagues as they would normally in the office.  We can enable mobile working applications, where calls to the office can be diverted to mobile phones and calls can be made from mobile phones but appear as if being made from the office.

We can provide access to your familiar applications, business email, shared calendars, on any device, to keep staff fully integrated with their office and colleagues, regardless of location.  Not only will you enjoy a collaborative, consistent user experience anywhere, on any device, you’ll have a single point of contact for all your business communication needs.

We provide businesses with global support by enabling remote working through our cloud platform and extensive portfolio of services. Providing a unified cloud communication solution which can be accessed by any of your team, from anywhere. If your business makes the decision to increase the number of homeworkers, then our solutions can help you do this.

Our Home Working Solutions include:

  • Network diverts,
  • Access to servers and cloud applications securely
  • Cordless Headsets
  • DDI diverts
  • Adding remote/teleworking to existing telephone systems
  • Adding cloud-based telephony to your office
  • Integrating mobile phone applications into your office telephony
  • Secure remote access to emails and office data
  • Full integration to enable remote working

We strategically partner with industry leading technology partners to ensure we provide flexible and superior range of services from

  • VoIP and Telephony
  • Connectivity
  • IT Services
  • CCTV
  • Security and Access Control
  • Cabling and Networking

Contact us for further information and see how we can help enable your business to work from home effectively.