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Dedicated Internet Access London

Connectivity is the backbone for any business. Whether you are a startup, SMB, or an Enterprise- We can pair the right solution for you. We make it a priority to understand your requirements and tailor your service. Depending on your location and requirements we have a range of solutions from ADSL, FTTC to a dedicated Leased line.

Internet Connections


Up to 24Mbit/s download and 2Mbit/s upload


Up to 80Mbit/s download and 20Mbit/s upload


Ethernet grade connectivity with fixed speeds

Leased Line

Speeds from 100Mbit/s-10Gbit/s

Carrier Resilience

We work with industry leading partners to provide resilience to your network


Create a dedicated network tunnel from point A to point B

Beyond Connectivity

With our managed IT solutions we can be a part of your businesses journey to the cloud. With faster upload and download times, reliable connectivity and greater speeds you could be more efficient.  Connecting to cloud applications quickly and remotely is key for any business. Access your files from anywhere and take your service with you. With many services such as VoIP, Servers, CRMs and more all in the cloud, the need for faster and reliable internet connectivity has never been greater

Dedicated Internet Access UK

We at Flow Telecom understand the requirement for fast and reliable dedicated internet access or DIA. Since the service is dedicated to your business and not contended you can be assured that your business will be able to maximize the full potential of our internet service.

The majority of the clients who look for dedicated internet access in London or the UK have a need for dedicated and fast internet. Nonetheless, since dedicated internet access in the UK allows a business customer to connect their office network to a high-performance internet service, it enables them to become more efficient in delivering their services while maintaining their business needs. With the increase of bandwidth requirements, dedicated internet access is essential for any business looking to get ahead of their competition. Businesses can benefit from low latency reliable internet services backed by our 24/7 monitoring and support. A rock-solid internet performance will support your business’s critical operations and give another dimension to your communication and data transfer.

Trusted Dedicated Internet Access from us

Since our dedicated internet access in the UK is engineered to meet the needs of mission-critical business applications such as e-mail, video conferencing and VoIP just to name a few. Having dedicated internet access is a great addition to any business looking to take a step in the right direction. If your business requires to host inbound services like E-Mail servers, File Storage or Various Applications Servers you can trust our dedicated internet access in London will help deliver the content on time. We are here to help businesses with high-speed internet and increase business productivity.

With trusted dedicated internet access from Flow Telecom, our clients can communicate securely and effectively between local and global offices. Customers, suppliers, and employees can benefit from the high-speed low latency service.

You Get An Edge With Our Dedicated Internet Access

If a dedicated internet service is not right for your business or budget, we have other services that range from ADSL to FTTP.

With our ADSL where we offer speeds up to 24Mbit/s download and 2Mbit/s upload and FTTC speeds of 80Mbit/s download and 20Mbit/s upload depending on your location. We work with carefully selected suppliers to ensure we have the right coverage and solutions for your business needs. Our leased line speeds range from 30Mbit/s-10Gbit/s. We also provide Carrier resilient services, MPLS, Point to Point and SD-WAN.

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