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Many businesses are forgetting how vital phone communication is when connecting with customers in a world where mobiles, apps, social media, and cloud services are fast becoming the preferred way to do business. Flow Telecom based in London has a more personal touch and allows businesses to combine real-time two-way communication with clients. Life cannot be imagined without mobile phones or having access to information at the push of a button because technology has become such an integral part of life. It is well understood how critical it is for a business to communicate with its clients and how impossible it would be to operate without a reliable phone system.

Why are Phone calls Essential?

A phone call is the best approach to get a personal reaction if you can’t talk to someone face to face and with recent changes in the working environment the use of phone technology has become the primary source of communication. You can take care of business right away ensuring you can still conduct business and keep safe.

Words are Not Enough to Communicate

A famous article on communication theory “Inference of Attitudes from Nonverbal Communication in Two Channels,” identified three components of effective communication: body language accounting for 55 percent of communication, voice tone for 38 percent, and spoken words for only 7%. Today, this theory is widely regarded as the foundation for good communication. The tone you employ over the phone provides words, character, and emotion, boosting the effectiveness of your conversation. In a conversation, somebody’s language, such as smiling and standing while speaking, may come through. Without the assistance of voice tone or body language, texting and emails are simply words that the recipient must understand.

Importance – Interactive Communication

Conference calls bring individuals from around the enterprise together for a fraction of the cost of travel and booking meeting space. Attendees can join a virtual conference room by dialing a toll-free number and entering an access code. Members can interact with the moderator and other participants. To view presentations, ask questions through the internet, and discuss responses with all attendees, conference calls can be utilized in conjunction with video conferencing. 

About Confidentiality and Phone Calls

Making the effort to call rather than send an impersonal text or email carries greater weight. Sensitive topics may be misconstrued if two-way communication is not possible. Text messages and emails are considered legal documents and can be retrieved as evidence even after they have been deleted. For training purposes, some organizations monitor and record phone conversations between employees and customers. Voicemail messages that have been deleted cannot be recovered and do not leave a record of the conversation.

Features of Business Phone Systems:

Businesses of all kinds whether they are small, large or enterprise alike can use business phone systems to manage their inbound and outbound calls.  Flow Telecom and their Business Phone Solutions help to handle several calls at the same time, transfer calls inside the company and music on hold. Their features are vastly different from those of residential phone networks. Some of the special features of business phone systems are mentioned below:

  • Multiple lines:

Allowing staff to switch between calls allows them to better manage high call volume times. The number of lines required for your business phone is determined by the size of your company.

  • Auto-attendant:

Callers are greeted by an automated attendant who directs them to the appropriate team member.

  • Voicemail with visuals:

More than just storing recorded messages is possible with voicemail systems for business phones. With Voicemail to email, a business can be sure to never miss an important call and have the right solution to call back

  • Conference Calling:

Meetings can be scheduled over the phone, and the conference call can include many callers. This is a must-have tool for companies with remote workers.

  • Forwarding calls:

Calls can be routed to a different phone number or multiple numbers depending on the solution.

  • Messages left on hold:

You can leave a message on hold telling customers that their call will be returned as soon as possible. While the caller waits, you can also play music over the phone or key facts regarding your business.

  • Support for handsets:

With a range of handsets from fixed, cordless you can also benefit from using your mobile and computers meaning you can take your calls from the office, on the go or even while you are away.

Flow Telecom – Business Telephone Solutions in UK

With the shutdown of ISDN services approaching, businesses are now moving towards improved business telephone solutions. With the help of Flow Telecom, we can support your business to evolve and adopt while being competitive. Businesses can benefit from low-cost calls, a variety of handsets, mobile apps and computer software all from one provider designed to deliver. We are here to solve all your problems and create your solution, your way!