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Commercial Security Solutions UK

You have secured your IT infrastructure but what about your premise? Flow Telecom provide businesses across London and surrounding areas of the M25 with secure and affordable security solutions. With our award winning partners and certified technicians, we can create your full security service from start to finish. With the latest products and sleek designs we can help you choose the right service to fit with your requirements.


Our CCTV packages are bespoke to ensure your premises is secure. With 24/7 remote viewing via a user friendly app and alerts. With our onsite and also cloud storage solution we can enable you to always have your recordings. We provide FREE site surveys and consultations so we can fully understand your requirements. We are trained and certified to install Hikvison products. With a diverse range we are able to provide affordable CCTV and security services for your business


We provide a range of analog and IP cameras

Mobile App

Secure mobile access from anywhere to view your cameras

Installation and Maintenance

Full installation with aftercare and maintenance

Motion Detection

Motion detection alerts straight to your device

Multi Site Security Solutions

Connect and view multiple sites from your laptop, tablet or phone

Crime Prevention

Deter Criminals from your premises

Alarm Systems

We work with industry leaders to supply a secure alarm system for your premises. Wireless and wired alarm system available with police response. Securing your premises is important, this is why we provide full training on your alarm system, provide an app where you can monitor the service and set the alarm via your mobile device. Once you alarm system is installed we carry out half yearly maintenance to make sure your alarm system is working throughout.

Access Control

Are you looking for a secure entry to your building? With our access control solutions we can design and implement a suitable door entry system. Built with 4K video, HD audio and remote viewing, your access control solution will provide you with the comfort of knowing who is at your front door.  We provide a FREE survey and consultation to design your system and provide the necessary training once installed.

We are a complete solutions provider.

Whether it is managed IT services or commercial security solutions in London. We believe in seamless security for our clients. If you have already organized your professional IT relocation services or managed IT services from Flow Telecom you may also benefit from our commercial security solutions for your business. With the advanced commercial security solutions, we can secure your premises reliably. At Flow Telecom, we provide commercial security solutions to businesses across London and surrounding areas of the M25.

The best part of our commercial security solutions in London is that we have award-winning partners and certified technicians who ensure our clients receive seamless protection for their commercial building and infrastructure. Nonetheless, since we can create your full security service from start to finish, we can be trusted with your overall security. Additionally, since we have the latest products and sleek designs at our disposal, you can expect the right commercial security solution for your premises. Moreover, since we help you choose the right service to fit your requirements, you can be assured that we will provide quality at a professional standard.

How is Commercial Security Different from Residential?

We understand the difference between commercial and residential security setups and that is why our professionals are people you can trust. For instance, despite the fact that there is some overlap, commercial security and residential security vary in different factors. Needless to say, there are even more considerations that need to be made when it comes to handling the security of your business premises. For instance, residential security is about peace of mind and security of the family, commercial security is all about securing your business assets and protecting your employees.

Why Do You Need A Competent Commercial Security Solution from Us?

For commercial security solutions in the UK, we are a trusted name for several reasons. For instance, we go to great lengths in providing care when it comes to securing your premises and your business. Nonetheless, since security is critical for any sized business you should never underestimate the risk of not having a reliable security solution in place. A break into your premises can have huge consequences and potential issues for staff security, customers, and your business data if you host your IT services on site. Therefore, for any such eventualities, it’s better to have a robust commercial security solution in place.

Since we offer a range of commercial security solutions to our clients, you may ask us for specific requirements. We can help you understand what type of security setup you may require. Besides, For instance, give a thought to whether your business could really survive a security breach and if not, talk to us and we will design a suitable commercial security solution for your premise and protect your business.

Tested Capabilities for Commercial Security Solutions

We at Flow Telecom have trusted and tested processes and solutions for all your commercial security requirements, so you can stay assured that our solutions will add benefit to your business. Many businesses are embracing commercial security at a higher level. Since, trying to handle all the security measures on your own could be costly and time-consuming, Hiring professionals such as Flow Telecom can help relieve the stress.

We offer commercial security for all your setups whether they are CCTV solutions with Mobile Apps or Installation and Maintenance of your intruder alarm system. With our commercial security solutions in London, you will receive a professional and cost-effective solution that can help minimise risks from any unfortunate incidents that may occur.

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