Flow Telecom to Provide You Commercial VoIP Solutions in the Best Way Possible

VoIP solutions can be a daunting task. But with the right company and expertise, it becomes hassle free. VoIP is a technology that allows the users to operate over internet networks by which they can do their traditional telephony by the use of packet switched protocols. If we put it in a simpler way, it is the technology of making and receiving telephone calls over the internet. Flow Telecom and their team of experts work hard to solve these problems. They bring a wide range of Business Telephone Solutions from Hosted VoIP, on-site PBX and Traditional Telephone Services. Flow Telecom operate from their main HQ in London and support customers nationally. We collect and enlist all the problems that are faced by you and then work together to fit the best solution and fit for your company. Thus, creating your solution, your way.

What are the Benefits?

There are several benefits of using VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. It improves communication paths with your clients and customers. With this service, the IP phone that you use converts the voice to a data packets and passes over office IP networks and Internet. This pathway can work with your phone through the smart phone app or it can be used by the computer software that can have a headset attached to it along with a webcam. The perks of using VoIP is that you can make all calls that will be under your internet traffic. All of this while reducing your monthly bills with a more competitive PPM rate. Not just the bills, it also helps to avoid having too many connections of telephone lines. The entire arrangement becomes smooth.

Some of the Features

The key features of the commercial VoIP solutions provided by Flow Telecom are tailored to each companies’ requirements. The mobile app can be used to make business calls from anywhere and everywhere, along with an embedded instant messaging service. Another useful feature provided to you by the commercial VoIP solutions is the click to dial facility. You can initiate calls straight from your laptop or PC. Flow Telecom provides you with a CRM integration too. Your service can be enabled through various CRM. In business, conference calling plays a very important part. This service allows you to conduct conference calls with private virtual rooms and add multiple members to each call. You can create call queues, so you never miss a call, Hunt groups, Diverts and more. You will also be able to record and store your calls in a very safe and secure manner. It is important in any business arrangement to have the option of adding more people to all sorts of services whenever needed. With us, you can add new team members to your telephone structure effortlessly.

Handsets are vital in any VoIP solution. The handsets provided by Flow Telecom in its commercial VoIP solutions come in HD and they have gigabit throughput. Each phone provided has several features that will help you adapt to the system very easily. You get to work in a comfortable environment, while enhancing the users in experience. To be sure of the right product for your business, Flow Telecom provide live demos, PDFs explaining key features and a wide range of handsets to suit every business need. Fixed handsets, Cordless handsets, Bluetooth headsets and more. Flow Telecom explain and guide you through all the possibilities and help you decide what is best for you.

Flow Telecoms Telephone solutions will be a great addition to any business and help make your business more effective to your customers. From compliance and contact center solutions to real time monitoring, our business telephone services are built with your vision, your solution, your way!

You can book a call to find out how Flow Telecom can help your business change the way you make calls.